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What is Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) & its Advantages?

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In today’s world, where we are fast depleting our natural energy and fossil fuels,  there is an increased focus on utilizing renewable energy sources. And one of the key powerhouses of renewable energy sources is solar. In the race to combat climate change, solar energy is predicted to be one of the most reliable energy sources worldwide.

However, the sun’s energy is volatile and needs a storage medium to store it for later use. This is where BESS comes into play, and can provide a reliable storage solution to use solar energy even when the sun isn’t up and shining.

Thus, if you are keen on knowing more about this revolutionary technology, read on as we explain what exactly is BESS and how it has the power to reshape the solar energy landscape.

BESS – An Overview

BESS stands for Battery Energy Storage System and consists of rechargeable batteries that store electricity for later use. This stored electricity can then be used to meet various power demands that range across various applications. During off-peak time when your solar system isn’t generating enough power to meet your energy needs, a BESS can be used to accumulate solar power and use it during peak time.

Moreover, a BESS can act as a bridge between energy generation and consumption, which can lead to a more flexible and resilient energy infrastructure.

Moving on, let’s look at the primary components of a BESS.

What are the components of a battery energy storage system?


1. Battery Modules

These consist of lithium-ion batteries that are connected in series

2. Storage Enclosures

These act as a protective casing for the system and have thermal management

3. Power Conversion System (PCS)

The clusters from your battery system get connected to a common DC bus, which is further extended to the PCS

4. Battery Management System (BMS)

This system continuously monitors the temperature, voltage, state of charge (SOC) and has a fire warning also. It helps in regulating the discharging power and charging of the BMS.

5. Energy Management System (EMS)

The entire control logic of the BMS is regulated at the EMS. It helps in providing the input signal to the PCS for charging/discharging depending on the control logic requirement. A Battery Energy Storage system is a simple technological solution that stores solar energy during the day and uses it for power consumption at night, during peak usage hours, or even on cloudy days.

The BESS is responsible for storing solar energy and converting the DC (Direct Current) generated from solar to usable AC (Alternate Current), which is needed to power electric appliances and equipment. As previously mentioned, the battery storage system works with an EMS, which maintains the charge and discharge cycles as and when needed.

Main Applications Of Battery Energy Storage System

A BESS can be used in different ways, which extend beyond an emergency power backup when there is an energy shortage or blackout. The applications differ based on residential or commercial usage.

Commercial Usage Of BESS

For industrial and commercial usage of BESS there are several applications like –

  • Peak shaving

This helps in managing energy demand when there is a sudden increase in power consumption.

  • Load shifting

This allows businesses to shift their net energy consumption at different periods by tapping into the battery.

  • Flexibility

Users can reduce their total grid consumption without changing their electricity consumption.

Residential Usage Of BESS

Residential users can benefit from BESS by –

  • Self-consumption

Residential users using solar panels can produce their own solar energy during the day, and then run their appliances at night.

  • Emergency backup

A BESS will provide you with a steady supply of energy during an electric blackout.

  • Off-grid application

Users can opt to go off the electricity grid and produce and use their own power through a BESS.

Advantages of A Battery Energy Storage System

1. Integration of Renewable Energy

A significant challenge with solar energy is its intermittent nature. A BESS helps address this challenge by storing excess energy produced during peak hours and releasing it during low generation times. This ensures a consistent and reliable power supply, even when the sun isn’t shining.

2. Grid Stability and Reliability

BESS plays a critical role in stabilizing the grid. It can quickly respond to fluctuations in demand or supply, which helps to maintain grid frequency and voltage levels within desired limits. This enhances the overall reliability and resilience of the electricity grid and reduces the risk of blackouts.

3. Peak Shaving and Load Levelling

A BESS helps store energy during off-peak hours and then discharges it during peak-demand times. This reduces the strain on your grid during high-demand periods. Load levelling is another benefit that helps maintain a consistent power output that improves grid efficiency.

4. Energy Cost Savings

BESS can provide significant economic benefits by reducing energy costs. By storing electricity when prices are low and selling it back to the grid or using it during peak periods when prices are high, consumers can optimize their energy expenses.

5. Enhanced Grid Resilience

In times when your grid has a blackout due to natural disasters or any other unforeseen events, BESS can serve as a critical resource. It provides you with power backup and supports grid restoration efforts. It ensures that essential services remain operational even during challenging circumstances.


Final Thoughts

A Battery Energy Storage System is a revolutionary technology that can be used in sync with solar energy. It helps us generate, store, and consume solar energy and, thus, reduce our dependence on the grid. In this way, BESS is paving the way for a more resilient and sustainable future.

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