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Solar Panel Installation

Clean and Affordable Energy

Reduce Energy Cost

Premium Quality Components

Strict Safety Standards

Consultation and Planning

  • Site Survey and Initial Consultation
  • Solar Panel Installation Cost and Sizing
  • Proposal & Cost- Benefit Calculation

Engineering and Procurement

  • Solar Panel System Design
  • Components and material acquisition

Construction and Installation

  • Solar Panel System Installations are implemented in strict accordance to the Philippine Electrical Code (PEC) and the Philippine Distribution Code (PDC)

Service and Maintenance

  • Permits and net metering assistance
  • Periodic Maintenance

Industrial Solar Installation

Nativ Techniks Inc installs solar power systems on industrial and commercial buildings. We provide complete solar energy solutions to industries and commercial facilities to help them reduce their electricity costs. If you are looking for commercial and industrial solar panel installation services in the Philippines, reach out for a free consultation.

An industrial solar installation in the Philippines is an intelligent solution to reducing operating costs and positively impacting the local and global environment by producing more green energy. Industrial solar Philippines’ installations across the country are powering warehouses, cold storage units, and factories, and all are contributing to a cleaner and brighter future for the next generations of Filipinos.

Many more large industrial installations throughout the Philippines could still benefit from a more cost-effective clean energy solution. Energy used for industry uses considerable resources, and with traditional supply chains becoming ever more unreliable, solar energy is a cost-effective strategy for maintaining operational capacity while reducing energy costs.

If you are looking for a more reliable, cleaner, renewable energy source for your business, reach out to Nativ Techniks for a comprehensive, no-obligation consultation today. We can customize any industrial solar installation in the Philippines to perfectly complement your budget and energy needs.

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