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About Us, NATIV Techniks Inc.

About Us

A Solar Panel Company helping the Solar Power Transition in the Philippines.

The Philippines faces an energy crisis. Dwindling oil and gas reserves and supply chain disruptions mean the time to make a change for the better is now. It’s a challenge that Nativ Techniks is tackling head on by assisting local government units with renewable energy solutions that will reduce emissions while also improving energy security throughout the Philippine Archipelago.

As one of the top solar companies in the Philippines, Nativ Techniks is committed to helping local businesses integrate solar energy to power business processes, reduce costs, and help commercial organizations align with environmental, social, and governance standards (ESG). We believe that the future of energy is green, and we stand behind the government’s renewable energy target of 55.8% by 2040.

Nativ Techniks commits significant resources and expertise towards reaching the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for Net Zero emissions by 2050. Our part in helping reach that target is to ensure every Filipino community has access to clean, safe drinking water and proper sanitation for the health and prosperity of every individual. We are solar panel suppliers in Philippines.

Our Expertise

Nativ Techniks are solar power professionals with expertise in renewable energy solutions powered by the sun. Check out just a few of the solar powered solutions we are proud to be a part of around the Philippines.

Solar Panel Systems

Filipinos have some of the world’s highest energy costs. When energy costs take an unreasonable portion of the budget every month, they lower the living standard.  Nativ Techniks plans to change the fortunes of Filipino businesses and residents with efficient solar power panel roof installations that will keep more money in everyone’s pockets.

Solar Street Lighting

Street lighting throughout the Philippines continues to grow in popularity because it improves living standards and creates safer communities. Unfortunately, it also consumes enormous volumes of non-renewable resources. Nativ Techniks uses the latest in battery and solar power technology to improve street lighting efficiency and sustainability and make it affordable for more communities on and off the grid.

Solar Cold Rooms

The energy from the sun keeps us warm, but it can also add to food security when you use it to power our solar cold rooms. When you’re off grid, but need to keep your food fresh, a Nativ Techniks solar cold room makes the perfect storage unit for extending the life of fruits and vegetables.

Are you ready to do your part in the clean energy transition in the Philippines and the planet?

Solar Panel For Homes

Embrace solar panels for your home in the Philippines! Harness the sun’s energy, reduce electric bills, and transition to a sustainable, cost-effective power solution.

Solar Panel For Commercial Buildings

Upgrade your commercial building with solar panels. Harness sustainable energy, reduce operational costs, and showcase your commitment to eco-friendly practices.


Nativ Techniks Inc. invites you to join us in our journey to A BETTER TOMORROW.

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About Us, NATIV Techniks Inc.


About Us, NATIV Techniks Inc.

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