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Solar Panel Cost & Maintenance Fees In Philippines

Did you know the Solar Panel Cost has dropped by almost 90% over the past decade? You already know that renewable energy can reduce your operating expenses, but now you would like to know how much it will cost for solar companies in the Philippines to add panels to your property. Keep reading to find out how cost-effective solar can be as a green energy solution.

Working With Solar Power Companies in the Philippines – Cost and Maintenance

Industrial and commercial solar installations in the Philippines have indeed experienced significant cost reductions recently. However, all businesses are unique, so each solar power system will have different factors influencing the price. Here are things you need to know when considering solar power for your commercial operation or industrial complex.

Size of the Solar Installation

Installation size will be limited by the area you have on your roof or the land size where you will be mounting the panels. The amount of electricity you would like to generate will also influence how many panels you can install. To find out how much green energy you need to replace your traditional supply channels, you can calculate your maximum consumption from your utility bills over the last 3 months. Solar panels only generate energy during the day, which can be a factor for companies that operate at night or run for 24 hours.

More people are adopting solar energy due to high electricity costs, but even green energy you don’t use can reduce your energy bill. The 2019 amendment to the Net Metering Program introduced by the Energy Regulation Commission (ERC) adds another advantage for powering your operation with photovoltaic solar panels. Net metering is a system that calculates credits for excess electricity supplied to the grid by the solar power system.

Roof Construction

Just about every rooftop can accommodate solar panels, but the type of roof will play a role in the cost of your solar project, including panel placement, the type of mounting required, and how many panels you are installing for power generation. The common roofing material for solar panels installed in the Philippines includes tiles, wood, and metal.

The roofing material will change how much it will cost to install solar. Corrugated metal roofs require a custom-built mounting rack to hold the solar PV panels securely and ensure adequate ventilation. Trapezoidal roofing is less complicated as only small mounting brackets are required to stabilize the panels.

Tiled roofing adds an extra step to solar system installation services because some tiles will need removal, so installers can add a mounting frame to the roof before replacing the tiles.

Roofs with a steep pitch will add more costs to your installation. Steeper roofs require greater care and safety equipment to keep workers safe, and stronger mounting brackets to keep the panels in place.

Solar Panel Cost & Maintenance Fees In Philippines, NATIV Techniks Inc.

Solar Panel Type

Solar panels are available in Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline, and Thin Film types. Each type has pros and cons, but Monocrystalline panels are the most efficient in both size and energy generation, making them a logical choice for most Philippine businesses.

Solar Panel Maintenance Fees

High-quality panels come with a 25 to 30-year warranty, which will cover defective equipment replacement. Inverters usually have a 5 – 10-year warranty depending on the brand. Once PV panels are in place, they will operate virtually maintenance-free. However, dirty photovoltaic systems will decrease efficiency, which means they need periodic cleaning. Inverters should also receive a checkup every 2 or 3 years. Check maintenance costs with your installation service, as they will vary with each installation.

Nativ Techniks is one of the leading solar installation company in the Philippines dedicated to improving the lives of all Filipinos with on-grid and off-grid solar power. We provide homes and businesses with innovative technology, so so the energy produced by your solar modules can reduce your carbon footprint to the advantage of all.

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    my house in the Philippines i want to have solar put in is a three bedroom around 1100 square ft to be totally independent of all power companies . to be connected to an auxiliary with enough power to drive a couple of pumps the house with a European kitchen and 2 CR. What size system would you recommend.

    September 8, 2023 at 3:22 am

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