How Philippine Businesses Gain an Edge with Solar Power?

How Businesses in the Philippines Can Gain Competitive Edge with Solar Power ?

How Businesses in the Philippines Can Gain Competitive Edge with Solar Power

The entire world is shifting towards solar power as a clean energy source. In this race to adopt cleaner energy and reduce the strain on our fossil fuels, the Philippines Businesses isn’t left too far behind.

The Philippines is an archipelago that receives abundant sunlight throughout the years. Thus, it provides the perfect landscape for businesses to gain a competitive edge by adopting solar power.

And adopting solar energy not only promises environmental benefits but also offers substantial economic advantages.

Thus, in this blog, we’ll explore how businesses in the Philippines can harness solar power to boost their competitiveness.

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Commercial Solar Power in the Philippines :  An Overview

How Businesses in the Philippines Can Gain Competitive Edge with Solar Power ?, NATIV Techniks Inc.

Commercial solar power is simply the power, commercial entities like businesses use for generating electricity. Solar panels for commercial establishments typically consist of large spaces where large-scale solar panels are installed.

Moreover, by adopting solar power, businesses can align themselves with global sustainability goals, which will improve their corporate image and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

The Philippines government has also implemented various incentives to encourage the adoption of renewable energy. There are programs such as the Renewable Energy Act of 2008 and the Green Energy Option Program (GEOP) that provide businesses with financial benefits and technical support for switching to solar power. These incentives make the initial investment more affordable and the transition smoother.

Advantages of Solar Power for Businesses in the Philippines: Economic, Corporate Responsibility, and Market Presence

1. Economic Advantages of Solar Power

Reducing Operational Costs

One compelling reason for businesses to adopt solar power is the potential for significant cost savings. By generating their own electricity, businesses can reduce or even eliminate their dependence on the grid, leading to lower energy bills. The savings on electricity can be substantial, especially given the high and often volatile cost of power in the Philippines.

Long-Term Financial Stability

Solar power systems typically have a lifespan of 25-30 years and require minimal maintenance. This long-term stability contrasts with the fluctuating prices of conventional energy sources. By investing in solar power, businesses can lock in energy costs and protect themselves from future price hikes, ensuring more predictable and stable financial planning.

2. Enhancing Corporate Reputation

Environmental Responsibility

Consumers and investors are increasingly favoring companies that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability. By adopting solar power, businesses can showcase their environmental responsibility, attracting eco-conscious customers and partners. This positive public image can enhance brand loyalty and open up new market opportunities.

Meeting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Goals

For many businesses, integrating solar power into their operations aligns with their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals. CSR initiatives that focus on reducing carbon footprints and promoting renewable energy can improve a company’s standing with stakeholders, including customers, employees, and investors.

3. Increased market presence

Innovation and leadership

When businesses adopt solar power, they become both an innovator and a leader in their industry. This differentiation can be a powerful marketing tool for them as it sets them apart from their competitors. Businesses that adopt solar energy earlier than their competitors can also establish themselves as forward-thinking and proactive. These are both qualities that are valued in today’s market.

Increased marketability

Businesses that have a commitment to renewable energy can have enhanced marketability. For example, businesses that use solar power can leverage this initiative in their marketing campaigns and thus, appeal to a growing eco-conscious consumer base. Moreover, companies that are committed to sustainability can find it easier to attract top talent as job seekers of today are prioritizing working for responsible employers.

Examples Of Businesses In The Philippines That Have Adopted Solar

Several businesses in the Philippines have adopted solar power to reduce their carbon footprint, and also to cut down on their operational costs.

Some notable examples of such companies are highlighted below.

1. Shell Philippines

Shell Philippines is in the business of importing petroleum products. The company has adopted solar panels for their Shell gas stations across the Philippines. This has allowed them to cut down on their electricity costs by almost 40% while also enhancing their market presence. The adoption led to widespread coverage by major news channels and print publications.

2. SM Prime Holdings

SM Prime Holdings is in the business of conducting and maintaining commercial shopping and entertainment centres across the Philippines. The company has installed solar panels to power most of its commercial ventures, which includes installing solar panels on the roofs of shopping malls, movie theatres and other retail and entertainment ventures. This solidifies the company’s commitment to increase the renewable energy supply of the Philippines to 35% by 2030.

3. Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines

Coca-Cola has installed solar panels in several of its manufacturing plants across the Philippines. This initiative is part of their global commitment to sustainable practices and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. To date, almost 65% of their total energy consumption is being sourced from clean and renewable energy, most of which are solar, geothermal and biomass.

4. Robinsons Land Corporation

Robinsons Land Corporation is another key player in retail and real estate in the Philippines. They are in the development of hotels, shopping malls, mixed-use properties, residential and office buildings, housing projects and many more. The company has started installing solar power for their malls, and other establishments, which has allowed them to reduce as much as 19,804.94 metric tons of carbon emissions!

Final thoughts

Adopting solar power offers businesses in the Philippines a unique opportunity to gain a competitive edge. And by taking practical steps to adopt solar power, businesses can position themselves as leaders in sustainability and innovation, which will ultimately help them drive growth and success in the evolving market landscape.

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